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crack house recording studio was founded by owner cracka lack in 2013.

Crack House Recording Studio is one of the top recording studios in the mid Michigan area. Several artist from all over the world have traveled to Lansing, Michigan to specifically work with Cracka Lack 1 on 1 in the studio. Cracka Lack provides a very high quality, industry standard, professional, clean and crisp sound at an extremely affordable price. Several hits were created here and several more will be.

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basic "sweet dreams ft. burden" (prod. by cracka lack)
Justice Mobb x Blok x Rodzilla - War Zone
Blake Wilson "i remember ft. Bezz believe" (Prod. by cracka Lack)

All songs Recorded and Mixed by Cracka Lack at Crack House Recording Studio in Lansing, Michigan.

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All songs Recorded with Neumann TLM 103 Microphone.

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Everything from your standard compression, eq, reverb, delay, autotune, etc.

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Mastering done on iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced Mastering Suite.

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